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Love For A Stray Cat And Vegetarianism Connection

Love For A Stray Cat And Vegetarianism Connection

Earlier I was driving along a busy road then I suddenly saw this stray kitten on the center island. The kitten is trapped and nowhere to go, give it 2 days and the cat will definitely pass away. At that moment I have to decide whether to leave the kitten alone or give it a second chance. Then, I decided to turn the car around and head back where the kitten is. As I reached our home, it took me 30 mins just to introduce myself to the cat. However, I have a decision to make, shall I keep the cat in our home filled with 9 dogs or leave it on the wild without assurance of its safety. Then, I decided to leave the cat in the wild. It’s tough love. The cat will learn so much and I trust that fact.

Any connections with vegetarianism?

I think having this awareness towards animals helped me transition from being a meat eater to a pescatarian. I believe that most vegetarian and vegans alike share the same feelings as mine. However, I personally do not want to disrupt their natural capability to survive in the wild. Even though I would love to keep and feed them, I have to get out of my way for them to live on their own. To be honest, I am still thinking about whether I’ll keep the kitten or not. There are a lot of questions in my mind if whether I made the right decision or not. There are a lot of “what ifs” but I have to trust the process. Everyone deserves a second chance, even our furry friends.

A small talk with a cat lover

My amazing colleague made me realized that what I did was wrong and I have to take care of the kitten, for now. She also found a friend who’ll possibly adopt the cat. If he turns down the offer, I have to find someone who will take care of this kitten. As of the moment, the cat is currently in my possession after 24 hrs in the wild. When I found the kitten, he was accompanied by an adult cat. I was amazed how cats can feel compassion and care to their own species, even if they are completely unrelated to each other (from same mother, etc). Also, as of the moment, the rain is pouring so hard that leaving this cat outside will lessen its chance of survival from 90% to 5%. Now, I think I’ve made the right decision. People around me disagreed with my decision but I know for the fact that this cat deserves a second chance. As of the moment, the kitten has a new home with new furry friends and my heart is full.

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