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The Importance Of Momentum

The Importance Of Momentum

It’s been almost 4 months since I post a content in this blog. It feels like yesterday since I finished the 90 days blogging program. It felt great, but I felt exhausted. I thought I needed a rest. My mind told me: “1 week, maybe? You deserve it anyway.” Then 1 week flew like a day. “Maybe another week? How about a month?” Then it just jumped straight to 4 days. The result? My exercise routine went from good to bad, my hair receded even more slightly, and I am not eating the most healthiest foods available. I felt like a wreck, but I am just over exhaggerating it I guess.

The importance of momentum as a title does not explain itself as an explanatory to its benefits in a descriptive manner but rather an experiential effect of not following it, which in my case a negative one.

The Cost Of Not Following Through

First in the list is l the “what ifs” my mind is telling me as of the moment. If is like telling “hey man, since you followed my great advice, what if you didn’t followed it? Maybe you already have a thicker hair, or a more muscular physique.” Then I’ll retort back, “but I thought that was a good idea?” Then it responded something like: “then you were wrong.” It feels like a inconsiderate friend who wants to lemd a hand but really doesn’t want to help you at all.

Second is the lost time.  This time will never be retreive at all. 120 days of content creation diet is really not advisable at all. My mind was like: “what am I thinking?!” “Can I teleport back to May 2019?” “who invented procrastination?” Obviously, it is all my fault.

Lastly, nothing created, nothing moved. Ever since I experienced the feeling of creative freedom while creating these content, I experienced one of the most satisfying thing in the world “creating from nothing to something”. And it is kind of addictive. Creating a habit stems to create a different habit alongside it. For me, it was the hair routine, eating healthy foods and exercising. However, when I stopped, everything stopped. I became complacement, but behind it is the realization of much greater wisdom. “When you stop, just start back again.”

See you on the next one!


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