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The Frustrations Of Finding A Free Calisthenics App

The Frustrations Of Finding A Free Calisthenics App

Most calisthenics apps are paid apps. That kinda sucks. For 45 mins I am trying to find an app that will help me with a specific calisthenics exercise called planche. Planche is a type of exercise wherein your whole body is supported by your arms while your chest, torso, and legs are lifted, making an illusion that your whole body is floating.

This is a high level exercise and I want to master it ever since. While it looks easy at first glance, you need to do all the necessary exercises first for your to be able to do this. Plus, I want to track all of my progress in an app with beautiful charts to see my gains, my streaks, and my scheduled training days. The closest app I found was thenx app. It has the necessary training I need to move from beginner level to intermediate in the most efficient away. Even though there are free exercises on the app, the high-level training must be unlocked through a monthly or yearly subscription payments. That’s a bummer. To be honest, it feels like a trap, but business is business. Everyone needs to generate income to produce a high quality content.

Alternative Apps

While the thenx app has a free training courses, you can still use most of its training regimen every day. While I haven’t tried it personally, I cannot recommend it yet. What I can personally recommend is the Nike Training Club app, which has a built in programs for body weight training, yoga, and strength exercises. Its easy to use and most importantly, it’s free.

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