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The Add-In Principle

The Add-In Principle

As I go to work this past few days, I am listening to Darren Hardy’s amazing audiobook, The Compound Effect. The audiobook teaches you how small & mundane habits can compound exponentially when done diligently, consistently, every single day. Now, the audiobook is amazing, that’s a fact. However, I got an insight into the interview by Darren Hardy to Montel Williams about the concept of the Add-In principle.

What is the Add-In principle?

According to Montel, when he was battling his disease called multiple sclerosis, he has to follow a strict diet every single day. What he did is to focus on not something he needs to take out on his diet. Instead, he focused on what he wants to put in instead. So instead of the things we need to remove like sugars, sweets, cakes, and carbonated drinks, especially any type of animal meat, we can focus on what we can have instead, like a delicious salad, a fruit shake, or fresh fruits. Montel fills his brain with what he can have, instead of focusing on depriving himself of what he can’t have. According to the book, instead of focusing on foods he needs to sacrifice, he simply focuses on what he can add-in.

Action mode

The Add-in principle is something you can adopt if you want to change your diet, update your lifestyle, or even accomplish any type of goals. It is a simple tool that can help us revolutionize our daily habits and cement it for the long run. Ready to try this principle? Just let me know!


Reference: The Compound Effect Book by Darren Hardy. All rights reserved

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