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Something’s Growing

Something’s Growing

Using the derma roller for the third time was never too easy. The sharp pains on my scalp is still reverberating even after 2 days. Right after the 10 minute derma roller session, my scalp is visibly reddish compared to my normal skin tone. However, after I showered, I felt something on head. Something hairy. It’s baby hairs. Initially, if I touch the left side of my receding hair, you can only feel a bit of hair strands and mostly skin. Suprisingly, I can feel baby hairs growing on that same spot. To double check, I asked my partner to check if that’s really the case. She also confirmed the growing baby hairs. I got excited and I felt the hope.

The hope that all men seek

Even though the baby hairs are not that visible, I can feel them through my fingertips! I am so amazed and excited about it! Here are the photos:

Looking forward

I am definitely excited on the coming months ahead. I have a simple goal, to be able to walk on our office without a cap. Seems simple right? But I am just excited about that thought. I’ll definitely keep you posted! Bye for now!

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