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Recovery Day!

Recovery Day!

48 hrs ago I started again my calisthenics journey using the Nike Training Club app. I am currently finished with the 1st day of training and I only have 9 days to go to finish it. In between training days are called the recovery days. Recovery days is also as important as the regular training sessions and it helps your body recalibrate. This is also the perfect time for your body to repair itself and not over train it. Recovery days doesn’t mean I have to sleep all day and do nothing. While sleep is important, this time is a perfect opportunity to stretch your muscles and do some light yoga.

My recovery day

Yoga mat is definitely your friend here but if you don’t hav as of the moment, I suggest finding a cushion to help you with some yoga poses along the way. I started with child’s pose followed by forward leg stretch. Then, I change the position to wide forward fold (similar to sitting on the mat while stretching the legs outward), and finally, reverse balance. In yoga term, reverse balance is also called Sarvangasana. It forces your blood to your brain naturally while lifting your legs upwards. It is an amazing exercise and I highly recommend. I still have 1 more recovery day before I get back to my regular training regimen. Till then, I’ll keep you posted!

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