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A Time For Medicine

A Time For Medicine

As I am battling the effects of this unknown allergy, my body is becoming too itchy to bear. Earlier I have to muster all of my self-control not to scratch my back while driving. It is so hard to do but each time I control it, the urge to scratch becomes stronger and stronger. My body develops a much visible rash which is a sign of an unceasing and underlying problem.

A proponent of natural remedies

Ever since I become a 90% pescatarian, I want to make sure that the store bought medicine I consume is only at a minimum. Only if it really really needed. For example, if I know my body will be out of wack tomorrow, I’ll drink paracetamol the night before, just to make sure I can operate properly for the days to come. 85% on the time, it works like a charm. But there’s still a small part of me that hesitated on drinking that medicine. It’s like, my bodies do not deserve the chemicals it just took.

Time to lower down the ego

At this stage, I really do have to lower my ego. Do I need to cover the whole body with coconut oil just to lessen my skin’s inflammation? Or just drink a small anti-histamine tablet specifically designed for this kind of body reaction. I have to eat my words and go with the latter. Tough pill to swallow, hypothetically, but I am starting to feel its effects in less than 10 mins. My body feels normal and the itch level is currently at 3/10 (from 9/10).


There are many times that medicine does its job on what it’s intended to do. Make sure to drink it only if needed and if necessary. As a standard procedure, make sure to consult with your doctor as well on the type of medicine you are going to drink based on your condition. Until then, have a wonderful day ahead.

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