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3 Gameplan To Increase Focus

3 Gameplan To Increase Focus

As I slouch on my couch on a saturday afternoon and eat the most sweetest delicacies in our home while watching funny Avengers casts interviews on Youtube, I think to myself, is this the life I want to become? Am I actually creating value here? Am I doing something meaningful?

The clear answer is no. Why? Because this is not the life I want. It feels like everything happened to me while “I” just rode along the wave. What happened here? Why am I not going to the gym as regularly as I should? Why I only sleep 5-6 hrs per night? And why I always eat foods that are not good for me? The reason is that what I am aiming for is not clear enough daily. In addition, the reason for me to aim at that goal is not clear enough as well, so I’ll just not aim at it.

This is also true if you are aiming to eating the most healthiest foods regularly and workout persistently to build your strength. Somewhere between the lines, you’ll slack off and will stop doing it all through out.

My personal gameplan to increase focus

The key to my health and fitness success lie on the following gameplan that I need to apply not only for the first 90 days but for long term, like 50 years kind of long term. Without further ado, let’s get started.

First, create a dream board

There’s nothing better than having a physical dreamboard visible on your room. I can tell because all the digital notifications I have doesn’t affect me at all. Also, I noticed that I need to have a visiual representation of that goal, not just in written words. For years, I only write what I want in life, but never added an image of what it should look like. Simple thing, right? But I totally ignored this simple fact for many years. Through this process, it will helps your dream to be impress upon your brain more clear.

Second, create a solid daily morning routine

Morning routines are crucial for my success. I actually have a morning routine but it is not solid. To make it work, I need to follow Hal Elrod’s The Miracle Morning book. What he did is followed the SAVERS metrhod. “Savers” stands for Silence, Affirmations, Visualizations, Exercise, and Scribing.

Silence can be done by either meditation or prayer to help your mind become more calm. Affirmations is used to induce verbal affirmation to your brain, hence applying the power of auto-suggestion. These positive words may penetrate your sub-conscious mind if done daily and consistently. Visualization is used to imagine what you need to do step by step on achieving your goals. Then, make sure to imagine how it would feel like when you actually achieved it. Exercise can be done within 5-10 mins of ligh run or calisthenics workout to run your engines. R stands for Reading positive books that nourishes your brain. And lastly, scribing. Scribing helps you to become more self-aware and assists you to ease off some negative things that are happening in your life.

Lastly, build momentum

Momentum is an enigmatic force that can help me propel from lowly beginnings to great achievents. The only catch is, you have to do it every single day. That’s one of my loophole. I do it only for 5 -15 days, then it will became 3, 2, Until I officially quit. This method kills off my momentum and will start again from scratch. To build maintain momentum, I must think of the consequences of stopping my momentum. What’s the price of slacking off? Too many to say but one of it is quiting all of your hard earned habits completely. We don’t want that and we want to veer away from it.

Ready to follow this steps with me? Just let me know!

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