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2nd Derma Roller Experience

2nd Derma Roller Experience

As I look back on my first experience using the derma roller for the first time, nothing prepared me on the pain that lies ahead. It sounds like an exaggeration but since I have low pain tolerance, it painful for me. So how’s my experience using derma roller for the second time?

The experience

It is amazing how my body adjusted on the pain in just a week. Though the pain is still there, I can honestly say I handled it much better earlier today. My initial experience with my derma roller is a painful one and I can honestly say that the pain is at 9/10. Now, it is down to 8.5/10. Yes, it is just a 1.5 difference but the pain is much tolerable today. Last week, the pain is too much that it feels like forever. Now, it just took me 5-8 minutes to finish everything up. However, at this stage, I am still eating sugary foods that can be counterproductive to what I am doing. I need to remove that in my diet to make sure I am not playing a losing game. Till then, I’ll keep you posted!

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